February 11, 2013

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February 1, 2013
"And I especially remember how a classic episode showed Rogers walking off his set, past the miniature neighborhood that opened every episode, to greet the musicians who accompanied his every move. In an instant, my mind expanded. These things I saw on TV were made by people, and I could learn more about how that was done. I never looked back from that moment."

— The AV Club looks back at Mr. Rogers.

January 16, 2013
"As the story goes, after Nevermind hit, majors wanted anything “alt”; in the ensuing sweep, Weezer, despite not having anything to do with Nirvana, got caught in the net. Jersey Shore and Washington Heights kind of have the same relationship. No, MTV slotting new subculture shows after the death of Jersey Shore wasn’t an accident. But Washington Heights’s debt to Jersey Shore is in general “subculture exposition” framework only. And so if Washington Heights ends up working out, it’ll be because MTV bet right on “inspiration” as a brand."

— Weezer is not so bad a thing to be compared to. “Inspiration” is a brand now?

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December 1, 2012
RIP, Dann Cahn

Pioneer of the “three-camera” TV style and last member of the I Love Lucy creative team.

November 29, 2012
Today I Learned: *Network* was insipired by the on-screen suicide of a Sarasota newscaster.

October 26, 2012
The cat video thing has *officially* GONE TOO FAR.


Call for feline filmmakers.

February 3, 2012

One Glorious Day (1922)

Psychologist Professor Botts (Will Rogers) is chairman of a spiritualist society who claims he can to leave his body and reappear in ghost form. As it happens, “Ek”, a violent spirit from Valhalla, enters his body during the ritual, and the two set off to thrash scheming politicians and the scoundrel who has designs on Botts’s secret love, Molly. When the spirit leaves, Botts returns to corporeal form, learns Molly’s feelings are reciprocal, and is nominated for mayor as direct result of the Ek-inspired exploits.

One Glorious Day was a childhood favorite of monster connoisseur Forrest J. Ackerman, who once claimed it was the first movie he had ever seen (and would later coin the term “science-fiction” as an indirect result). Over the years, he was able to collect a number of promotional images and materials for the film, but unfortunately, never a print itself. The premise, and name “Ek”, would also inspire Dave Wood and Sheldon Moldoff with the creation of Batman villain Dr. Simon Ecks, (Doctor Double X) as well as the title creature of an Outer Limits episode, “Behold, Eck!”


- from Weird and Wonderful Movies That You’ll Never Get to See, on io9.com.

As a side note to this, not only may this missing film have inspired the genre of “science fiction” (thank you, Mr. Ackerman), but I’d be stunned if it wasn’t related to Eckankar, the religion based on Eck, the Holy Spirit.

I can’t be the only ones who remembers Eckankar, can I? Very 1970s “spiritual path” group, very into meditation and astral projection - sort of yoga meets ESP in maroon turtlenecks and bell-bottoms. Their books used to turn up in rummage sales all the time.

Somebody back me up on this. There has to be a connection between a lost movie about a wandering spirit named Ek and the me-generation pop religion based on Eck, the spirit, who teaches you the secrets of spiritual travelers. That EK logo was hanging in a lot of New Age bookshops for a while.

January 16, 2012
William Powell, The Thin Man (1934)

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William Powell, The Thin Man (1934)

[ from yuhuang]

January 14, 2012

Today, I learned Jan Svanmajer has a son, Vaclav, who is also gifted at telling stories by moving statues around a little bit at a time.

Part II of Světlonoš (The Torchbearer) is here.

January 14, 2012

"The Cybernetic Grandma", by Jiri Trnka.(with Part 2 here.) I am beginning to suspect that the former Czechoslovakia engaged in a widespread social program of converting excess vowels to beautiful animation.

I was inspired to look up Trnka after reading about the very first Hobbit movie, a 12-minute exploitation cut-out cartoon with one dwarf and a princess in it*… but that was a shortened, zero-budget version of what should have been a feature animated by this guy.

Had it been made, I wonder if it could have changed the world. Height of the Cold War, dawn of Tolkien-mania, and an American-Czech vision comes out looking like this - stop motion, more real than a dream.

*written & directed by the same guy who wrote How to Care for the Neurotic Dog, a book I loved as a youth.

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